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  Playa Flamenca

Flamenca Beach or Playa Flamenca, as it is locally known, is a community based by the coastlines of the Orihuela Costa. The community itself is located just five minutes from the beaches of Spain’s Costa Blanca. It is one of the most popular areas for sightseers to visit within the south eastern part of the country.

Up until the 1980s, the beach was relatively unknown to the outside world. It was only during that time when foreign investors encouraged in buying properties in the area started investing in Flamenca Beach. Their investments paid off with a good level of profits. Through the use of these investments, the beach now has a wide variety of amenities available. Residents take pride in being able to draw crowds each year, partly influenced by having a consistent amount of sunshine throughout the year.

In addition to the beach, there is now also a commercial area with a good number of shops, restaurants and bars. The bars and restaurants here not only offer local dishes but also cuisines from around the world. Tourists can pick from a variety of shops that offer karaoke, live performances or sporting activities. There is something to do for anybody, whether they are avid swimmers or not.

Another area not to be missed is where the Playa Flamenca Market is located. During Saturdays, the Flamenca Beach Market opens and sells a good amount of native specialties including fruits and vegetables as well as a number of other types of merchandise. There is a good variety of produce available as well local delicacies being prepared while tourists and residents stroll along the street. In addition, there are also souvenir items such as sweets, flowers and bags which tourists can take home to their hotel or back to their hometown. Numerous tourists and residents from the nearby towns and other areas flock to this area to buy goods, some of which are only available in Flamenca Beach. The mile long stretch of shops can be found along the main road just beyond the Mercadona supermarket. Although the area can get crowded during Saturdays, it still allows enough space for visitors to take a stroll and enjoy the sights and the experience. The Playa Flamenca Beach Market is open from 8 am and closes at around 2 pm.

Playa Flamenca is also renowned for its local mud baths. Known as the Mar Menor, these mud baths are great places for tourists to unwind after a fun day at the beach or strolling through the various shops or tasting the local and global cuisines.

Tourists visiting the Playa Flamenca are will enjoy performing various water activities all throughout the year. Any time is a superb time to visit the beach as the area is warm throughout the year. Rain is a rare occurrence and is not expected to disrupt any plans on the beach. Interested travelers are encouraged to bring sun protection especially during the summer as the weather can get really hot, with temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius during the hottest days. Even winters are significantly warmer in comparison to other places in Europe. Expect a lot of tourists from the northern areas of the globe flock to these areas in the Mediterranean during the winter months. Many people are coming to Spain and especially this area to purchase Playa Flamenca property because of their healthy lifestyle.

It is of little wonder why the residents of the Playa Flamenca are extremely proud of their area. No less than the World Health Organization has reported that the beach of Flamenca is on the top of their list of the world’s healthiest places. The community is a great place to spend a vacation or settle into, befitting its name as the “Jewel in the Crown of Spain.”